Christmas Tree Services

  • When you arrive at our family farm, you may select your favorite variety of Christmas Tree at our sample tree area by the big red barn.

  • (Please note that our operations must differ in 2020 due to Covid-19.  Customers will be walking out to the trees to select their Christmas tree this year, rather than taking a hayride.  Please see our Covid 19 Changes page for further explanation.)

  • Next, we will have your tree shaken to remove any loose material.

  • If you need to have your tree drilled (see tree stands in Christmas Trees section), we offer tree drilling service.

  • Next, we will bale your tree for ease of handling.

  • Our employees will be happy to assist you in taking your tree to your vehicle.  However, you will be responsible for making sure that your tree is properly secured to your vehicle prior to leaving the tree farm.  (For 2020, please remain in your car while our employees tie your tree on your car.  After they are finished, please check the security of your tree.)